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Sticks & Stones Home Remodeling, is a customer-oriented construction company that provides first-class remodeling services for your home in McKinney.

Best Home Remodeling Services In Mckinney, TX

If you are going to remodel your home you need the best service available, with professionals and licensed contractors you can trust. We provide our clients with state-of-the-art remodeling services that will transform your home to the best version you imagine. Through endless creativity, we turned our passion for creating lovable living spaces into a renowned remodeling service that puts the interest and goals of its customers first. To this end, we have developed a team of qualified craftsmen, first-rate architects, and experienced contractors who will hit your home goals and save your money, time, and stress. Your dream home is already a reality with Sticks And Stones Home Remodeling. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling – The kitchen and bathroom are two of the rooms that will greatly increase the value of the home when you remodel. Let’s face it, you’re spending a lot of time in these rooms, so what better way to make them efficient, stylish, efficient, and attractive? For example, you may want to expand the size of your bathroom, add an additional sink in the vanity, or even open up a space between your dining room and kitchen for a contemporary “Great Room” feel. The options for kitchen and bathroom remodeling are seemingly endless. Therefore, it’s imperative to work with an expert remodeler who can take into account your concerns and provide you with options that are within your budget and deliver the best results that are compliant with the highest industry standards.

Whole Home Remodels and Additions
A home remodel could be a significant step for homeowners. If it’s completed, it could bring immense satisfaction and a rise in the value of the home. It is often about adding new rooms to your home. You can remodel your whole home to rearrange rooms and increase access and storage. It is possible to give your existing home a fresh look and feel that’s true to your style.

Living Room – Transform your living space into the display you’ve always envisioned by collaborating with the experienced staff of experts at Stick and Stone Renovation. From top-quality craftsmanship to high-end materials to well-organized project planning. Our remodel experts can transform your living space from boring to stunning and help you save time and money at the same time. We understand that you’re a busy person and have an organized system to ensure that your renovation work gets completed without any inconveniences.

Interior Painting – Our skilled house decorators and painters are certified to employ low VOC and organic green interior paints and products to protect their own contractors, as well as our customers. Whatever your needs or small job is, our plastering experts, decorative faux finishers, painters and wallpaper installers will complete your project from beginning to completion. Our professional team of painters have successfully completed a variety of residential and commercial projects throughout McKinney and in the surrounding areas creating trust and building a strong rapport with clients and our contractors who are partners with us. A list of these references may be requested on an inquiry.

Cabinet Upgrade – There are a variety of ways to upgrade the cabinets in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, ranging from a complete replacement to refacing cabinets or changing the hardware. You don’t just need to make sure that the base cabinets will be able to meet your storage needs, but you must also ensure that your cabinets match the aesthetics of the room in which they are located.

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Our superior service covers; General Home remodeling, with which you can transform your entire home, kitchen remodeling, as well as bathroom remodeling in McKinney. We also provide room addition services/ADU and garage conversion for all homeowners. Additionally, whatever custom needs you have in mind we can also provide. With Sticks & Stones Home Remodeling your remodeling project is in the best hands in all McKinney.


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